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#0316 Victorian Edwardian Mens Cycling Breeches about 1890 Sewing Pattern Size US 34-56 (EU 44-66) Printed Pattern

#0316 Victorian Edwardian Mens Cycling Breeches about 1890 Sewing Pattern Size US 34-56 (EU 44-66) Printed Pattern

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This is a sewing pattern for men´s cycling breeches worn about 1890.

At the beginning of the 19th century long trousers replaced the knee length breeches worn through the centuries before. They became suitable for day as for evening wear, knee length trousers continued to be worn for popular sports like riding, hunting and cycling.
With the invention of the “safety bicycle” circa 1890 brought on the bicycle craze in Europe and North America. Parallel to the growing bicycle industry, the fashion industry developed specific clothing, shoes, socks and hats for cyclists. The cycling dresses were advertised in sporting magazines, as well as fashion magazines.
Cycling breeches of the late 19th century were made from midweight and solid wool fabrics, cotton twill and linen.

This instruction shows the classic tailoring of men´s trousers. All interfacing can be replaced by fusible as desired and modern working can be chosen.

A seam allowance of 5/8" (1,5cm) is included.

The instruction explains the historical sewing process as accuratly as possible, but the pattern is also suitable for historical cosplay or steampunk costumes.

Please scroll down for yardage and pattern information.

It is a multi-size pattern, you can choose between US 34-44 (EU 44-54) and US 46-56 (EU 56-66).
The pattern comes with detailed and illustrated sewing instructions in English and German.
This is a paper pattern, printed on solid, white paper (60-80g/m2).


Fabrics recommended: tweed, wool fabrics, cotton twill fabrics

Fabric required:

Size US 34-44 (EU 44-54):
Trousers: 1.7yds (1,5m) with a width of 55“ (140cm)
Lining: 0.7yds. (0,6m) with a width of 55“ (140cm)

Size 46-56 (EU 56-66):
Trousers: 2.2yds (2m) with a width of 55“ (140cm)
Lining: 0.8yds. (0,7m) with a width of 55“ (140cm)

For all sizes:
Linen: 0.3yds (0,2m) with a width of 35“ (90cm)
22 Buttons 5/8“ (1,5cm), trousers hook and bar (sew on)
optional: buckle 1“ (2,5cm)

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