How long does it take for me to receive my sewing pattern?

The processing time for printed patterns is 3-7 days. We ship from Austria, and the delivery time depends on the destination country. Digital patterns are available for download immediately upon completing the payment process. Please note that we are not responsible for any delays caused by customs.


How do I take my measurements?

Here is a guide on how to take your measurements correctly.

Can I use the sewing patterns without a corset?

Absolutely! I generally recommend using a suitable corset with historical clothing, but it's also possible to go without. If you choose not to wear a corset, you may need a bit more room around the waist for tops. In such cases, you can select the next larger size at the waist on multi-size patterns and connect the lines from the chest downward. Always create a mock-up and transfer the necessary adjustments.
For skirts, I suggest cutting the waistband from a sturdy fabric and testing the required waist size. Afterward, choose the size of the skirt based on the waist measurement.

How do I get the digital items?

Digital sewing patterns are available for download immediately after completing the payment process.

How do I print digital sewing patterns?

For printing on a commercially available printer, either A4 or US Letter, you will need the files with the endings "_english_34_44.pdf" or "_english_46_56.pdf". 
Select the size needed and open the file ("_34_44.pdf" refers to the smaller size range, including the sizes US 8-18 and EU  34-44)
In the first part, you will find the sewing instructions, including the cutting layout, and further back, the actual pattern. Depending on what you want to print, input the corresponding page numbers. To print the pattern in the correct size, please follow the instructions below:

How do I print a digital sewing pattern at home?

Can I print the sewing patterns on a plotter / large format printer?

Yes, the necessary files are included in the ZIP file, and they end with 'A0'. Please note that these files do not include instructions. You can find the instructions in the remaining files - see above.

How do I calculate or measure fabric consumption for different fabric widths, and does the available fabric suffice for my project in my size?

You can find a detailed guide for this process here.


Still questions? 

Feel free to join my group on Facebook for assistance from the community, or you can contact us at contact@blacksnailpatterns.com.